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Joanna also shares her passion for food through bylines as an avid food writer, covering Toronto's culinary scene with zeal. Her most recent work can be read in Inside Toronto, where she has interviewed and critiqued the city's top chefs and eating establishments, to delving into a diverse range of cuisines and products. 

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Great Ethnic Home Cooks

Joanna loves to hang out in family kitchens, where culture is key in every ingredient. The joy is in time-honoured methods, which must be mastered before tweaking any recipe. The stories that come out of people when they share are priceless, as they are often told of Grandparents past or present.

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Jamming and Canning

One of Joanna’s greatest passions lies deep within jars of all things pickled and preserved. There is nothing finer than opening a jar of summer in February. Canning is often a team sport and gets people talking and sharing as they cook.

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Cooking for a Cause

Joanna is a strong supporter of Autism Speaks Canada and is an advocate for people and communities affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Join her and cousin Benji in the kitchen, as they cook gourmet meals to reduce the stigma. Joanna's passion for kids and hunger is also a focus - no child should go to school, play or sleep without food to eat.

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Read Hungry In Canada, Joanna's blog submission for the #FeedItForward campaign in partnership with Gastropost and Maple Leaf Foods Canada.


The future lies in the hands of our youth, and Joanna is here to help. Joanna engages with local entrepreneurs to help them launch businesses and projects big or small. Watch her network with some of the city’s hottest budding brands, and the minds behind them.

Joanna's thoughts on mentoring:

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing hard-working young adults with visions of their future and how they will make a difference in the world. Helping solely because I have the experience allows them to pass ideas back and forth, form game plans and strategies. It is often hard to avoid what I like to refer to as “shiny things.” A mentor helps keep the mentee grounded and focused. I am lucky enough to ride on coat tails and share in victories large and small.

Here is a list of mentees that Joanna supports:

Out and About

From a Taste Toronto gala to a late night burger stop, Joanna connects with those behind the stove at every course of the meal. She has connected with industry leaders locally and abroad to share a mutual love for food. The fun part about this is being a chef and part of the industry allows Joanna to talk to people behind the scenes.