Review - The George Street Diner

Joanna's take on...
The George Street Diner

There is a very cool diner named The George St. Diner at 129 George St. and Richmond. A crazy, wonderful Irish woman named Ash owns the place. Why is Irish important in the description of her? Because, they as a whole are warm, friendly, welcoming people who love to see that you have a great time and eat well.

Ash is perfect for the job. She worked as a waitress, playing it smart and saving her bucks until she could finally buy a place and what a place it is. In true diner fashion the are a mess of booths and counter seating. Everyone talks to each other and shouts queries at the wait staff that shout back the answers. It is the kind of place that is like home, if home is full of creative, funny people who are constantly laughing and as they say; “taking the piss” out of each other.

Now on to why you are really reading this, the food. The menu sort of reads typical diner and then takes a turn. Yes, you can get a burger, bacon, cheese or in my case usually with a runny egg. The meat is local, small farm beef, the eggs organic, the veggies picked by Ash from The Food Terminal a few times a week.



I love the Irish Breakfast, which is made with fresh daily Irish soda bread; you can also buy a packet to bake at home, a mess of eggs, baked beans, a grilled tomato and bacon or sausage.

One day I came in with one of my kids who wanted a tuna melt, not on the menu with sliced avocado. They had tuna, they had cheese, they had avocado so as Liz, the killer server said, “why the hell not?” This is why you will return over and over.

Feeling like healthy eats? There are fresh daily salads or you can mix an match. I am a big fan of the Fatoush Salad, which is a mountain of a bowl overflowing with crispy-spiced pita, tomatoes, onions, olives, cucs, peppers and lettuce. The other knock out for me is the Curried Chicken and Apple also on a big bed of salad greens.


A Ruben seems a simple food but like anything well made it isn’t. There is balance to all good eats. A Ruben must be made on dark or marble rye, must have an equal ratio of corned beef to sauerkraut to cheese. The bread hot and crisp, meat thinly sliced, sauerkraut dry and cheese oozy.  I like mine with Dijon but hey, that’s a preference I guess? Unsure, cause I think it is a must to cut through the richness so many not.

Desserts are pure comfort, if you are lucky because they don’t make many you are in time for a piece, or really a bowl of fruit crumble piping hot with a mound of vanilla ice cream. As you may know, I have cookie issues. Yes, I have been seeking help and yes, I do recognize the problem but so far the help isn’t working. I shall persevere but in the mean time I am quite hooked on the Peanut Butter Banana Cookie with a massive mug of Irish, a.k.a. tea.
Go see Ash and the gang and tell them I sent you. You are guaranteed to leave with a full belly and a warm smile on your face.

The George Street Diner
129 George St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 2M6
(416) 862-7676