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Jojo Instameets was formed out of necessity. While working with my variety of food businesses and restaurants, I saw a need for high quality instagrammers who would produce not only great videos, stills and live content, but also post about it for a long time after the event. Many restaurants promote their businesses with social media presence, but it seems the instagrammers are given no direction. Therefore, all that is achieved is a glut of photos for a few days with little content.

With Jojoinstameets, I have teamed up with foodie and instagrammer extraordinaire, Joanne Wong ( We make sure to curate a group of talented instagrammers that will be relevant to your space. We work at the events to ensure the lighting is perfect for incredible photos and that instagrammers gather and deliver a sufficient amount of content. We introduce the space and welcome owners and/or chefs to talk about what they are all about. We are constantly making sure all instagrammers get great opportunities to get the photos they want, but we also make sure they eat. Instagrammers who eat well post well.

We will also work with you and PR companies by suggesting fun event hashtags and making sure that all instagrammers begin the event with a small postcard with all your pertinent information for accurate postings.

I would be happy to chat about this more!

Feel free to reach out at, and follow our journey through #JoJoInstameets!

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