My name is Joanna Sable and I am a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. I have been in the food industry wearing many different hats since I was quite young.

My mother has had a gourmet food company, Sable and Rosenfeld Foods, since 1975. I have been involved either full or part time since its inception, selling and managing the USA portfolio, product and recipe development, branding and more.

For many years, catering and event planning were my specialty. I have also done recipe testing and development for two of Sable and Rosenfeld’s cookbooks as well as Ace Bakery.

I had my own gourmet canning company, Bumpercrop, which I recently sold to move into consulting to restaurants, food companies and food shops.

I also love to write stories and restaurant reviews for online magazines and my own blog.

Please have a look at Max Your Space for more info on what I do and how I can help you.

Contact me from the form below or at js@joannasable.com

By Phone: 416.894.4984

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